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Pottery is made from clay and includes earthenware, stoneware, redware, china and everything in between.  The distinction between different names is in the firing temperature.  Pottery is classified into three categories:

  1. Earthenware is fired at a low temperature, is porous, and includes majolica, faience, creamware, redware, Rockingham, and delft. 
  2. Stoneware is fired at a higher temperature and is harder than earthenware.  Stoneware examples include salt-glaze, crocks and fine stoneware (ironstone, vitrified pottery).  Other than fine stoneware, It sometimes appears to have a stone or rough surface.
  3. China or Porcelain is non-porous is fired at a higher temperature than earthenware and includes bone china, hard paste and soft paste.  Soft paste was developed in Europe and England, while hard paste was developed much earlier in China.