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YELLOWWARE BANDED BOWLS Set of Three Small 2" High Matching Bowls Circa Late 1800s

YELLOWWARE BANDED BOWLS Set of Three Small 2" High Matching Bowls Circa Late 1800s

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American yellowware matching bowls, each decorated with similar brown bands below the rim.

The set of three (3) small bowls are 2" high by 4" across and are in very good overall condition.  One does have the beginning of two faint hairlines off the rim and others with normal interior wear and very light crazing.  The texture of the outside of one bowl is more lumpy than the others.  None of the bowls are marked.  The bowls are most likely late 19th century.

It's hard to find the smaller sized yellowware bowls--and this is a set of three!

About Yellowware: Yellowware is plain, heavy pottery that gets its name for the color of the clay and can be a light buff yellow to yellow-orange.  It may be plain or decorated.

In the United States, yellowware was made between the 1850s and early 1900s and although initially made in New England, New York and Pennsylvania, Ohio eventually became of the center of yellowware manufacturing. It may be referred to as Liverpool or Queensware pottery.  In Canada and England, it is sometimes called buffware or yellow ironstone.

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