Collection: Quimper French Pottery

Quimper Pottery, pronounced "cam-pair" has been manufactured in the Quimper, a town in Brittany, France since 1708. The name does not refer to a specific brand or single manufacturer but the region in France where it is produced. The most well-known pieces are hand-painted with traditionally dressed peasants, sea and flower motifs, as will as other folk motifs inspired by the region of Brittany.

Quimper is considered faience, a French tin-glazed pottery. Faience or faïence is the term used for fine tin-glazed earthenware pottery made in France. The faience technique included the addition of tin oxide to the slip of an opaque white glaze and was a major advance in the history of pottery. Other regions throughout Europe used a similar technique. In Italy, tin-glazed earthenware was referred to as maiolica while the Dutch refer to the earthenware as Delftware.