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HB Quimper

French Faïence HB QUIMPER OCTAGONAL LUNCHEON PLATE Peasant Man Circa 1922 - 1942

French Faïence HB QUIMPER OCTAGONAL LUNCHEON PLATE Peasant Man Circa 1922 - 1942

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Tin-glazed known as faïence in France, was extremely popular in the 19th century.  Some of the finest examples were made in the town of Quimper, France pronounced “kem-pair” beginning in the late seventeenth century.  

This wonderful hand painted HB QUIMPER OCTAGONAL LUNCHEON PLATE in "soleil yellow" was manufactured by the earliest firm, HB (Hubaudière-Bousquet), which was founded in 1685 by Jean Baptiste Bousquet.  The plate measures 9” wide.  

The base of the OCTAGONAL LUNCHEON PLATE is marked HB / QUIMPER / FRANCE / + - + + / 303 dating the piece between 1922 and 1942.  The number 303 is the décor number, while the + - ++ designates the individual artist.  HB from 1918 to 1942, used morse code type symbols to designate the painter.  

The yellow glazed OCTAGONAL LUNCHEON PLATE features a Breton peasant man in the center, encircled by floral motifs and lattice around the edge.  The set is beautiful and the colors are gorgeous.  It is in great condition.

In 1968, HB purchased the rights to the molds, designs and marks of it’s competitor, Faïencerie d’Art Breton, better known as Henriot and attempted to reorganize the two operations.   Today there is one commercially-active pottery factory in Quimper tracing its roots back to 1708 and Pierre Bousquet.  Since 2011, the firm has been run by Jean-Pierre Le Goff and signs the production “Henriot-Quimper."

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