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American Pottery

ROCKINGHAM PITCHER American Pottery Circa 1865 - 1900

ROCKINGHAM PITCHER American Pottery Circa 1865 - 1900

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This wonderful example of a ROCKINGHAM PITCHER is most likely stoneware.  It is heavy weighing about four pounds. Measures 8” high by 6" wide at the base.  Handle to spout measures about 9" across.

The body of the ROCKINGHAM PITCHER has a columnar ribbed design on pedestal type base. Glazed with a controlled spattering of deep rich reddish brown glaze over a creamy butterscotch. The inside glaze near the rim is the deep brown but gradually turns lighter as it approaches the bottom. 

The piece is in good condition but does have a few chips.  One is about ½” wide by ¼” high and is on the rim.  The other is a circular hole ¼” wide hole on the handle.  If you look closely at the chips, you can see that the clay is not yellow, but has a medium brown hue, another clue that it is stoneware not yellowware.

About Rockingham: In the United States, is a primarily a yellowware pottery with a brown glaze that resembles tortoiseshell. It was made from 1840 to 1900 by many American potteries.  Colors range from butterscotch, caramel, light reddish brown, to dark reddish brown.  Often the glazed appears to be sponged or splattered on the pottery but it can often be found in a dark brown glaze completely covering piece. Following its introduction in 1840, it became a preferred pottery for the kitchen over redware because of its durability.

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