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The Bruckmann Breweries

Songs of Long Ago BRUCKS JUBILEE BEER Songbook Circa 1937 to 1945

Songs of Long Ago BRUCKS JUBILEE BEER Songbook Circa 1937 to 1945

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Songs of Long Ago BRUCKS JUBILEE BEER is an advertising songbook published by The Bruckmann Breweries of Cincinnati, Ohio. Designed as a half-fold or folded card, the songbook contains the lyrics for twenty-three drinking song and most likely dates from 1937 to 1945.

Although drinking songs have been popular for centuries, breweries like Bruckmann published free songbooks post Prohibition to increase lost revenues. Marketing campaigns encouraged young singles and families to host home "sing-a-long" beer parties aimed to increase female beer consumption as it was still not proper for a woman, single or married to sit with men at a bar. Cold cut trays were popular at these parties so many of the songbooks featured images of sandwiches and salty foods. 

The songbook includes lyrics for Good Night Ladies, The Star-Spangled Banner, Annie Laurie, Yankee Doodle, and Auld Lang Darling Nelly Gray, as well as several trinklieders or German drinking songs to help children learn the "mother" tongue. Most songbooks released for spring Bock or Oktoberfest beers included lyrics for the ditty, Schnitzel Bank. In addition to Schnitzel Bank, this songbook includes the trinklieders, Lauterbach, Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen, Beir Her and The Loreley

Songbook is in very good condition--some browning but no tears or rips. 

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About Bruckmann Breweries: Bruckmann Brewing Company was founded in 1856 in Cincinnati, Ohio by Frederick Bruckmann. It was one of the few Cincinnati breweries that remained open during prohibition by producing low-alcohol content near-beer, and the first brewery in Cincinnati to ship beer upon the repeal of prohibition on April 7, 1933. Bruckmann closed in 1949.

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