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Hulbert Harrington Warner

WARNER'S SAFE KIDNEY & LIVER CURE Bottle in Amber Glass Circa 1880s

WARNER'S SAFE KIDNEY & LIVER CURE Bottle in Amber Glass Circa 1880s

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Hulbert Harrington Warner, a wealthy New York safe manufacturer, purchased a medicinal formula from a local doctor and created a multi-million dollar patent medicine business in the late 1800s. Warner bottled his "cures" and sold them worldwide.  This bottle held his WARNER’S SAFE LIVER & KIDNEY CURE.

The amber colored glass bottle is about 9 ½” high by 3 ½” wide and is about 2” in depth. Although not commonly seen on medicinal bottles, other than Warner’s, the amber applied blob finish on the neck likely dates the piece between 1885 and 1890.  A cork is still in the bottle.

There are multiple embossed markings on the bottle.

  •  A large embossed safe with the words, TRADE MARK covers a good portion of the front sidewall/label panel of the bottle. Warner used the safe as his trademark as it perceived safety and referenced his previous occupation.
  • WARNER’S SAFE KIDNEY & LIVER CURE in positioned on four lines and in large letters across the top of the bottle.
  • ROCHESTER, N.Y. on the front heel of the bottle.
  • The number 24 is on the base.

Note:  Historic bottles should not be used for food or beverage storage.

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