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Made in Taiwan Republic of China

Vintage CHINESE MAHJONG Set Made in Taiwan Republic of China Circa 1970s Unopened

Vintage CHINESE MAHJONG Set Made in Taiwan Republic of China Circa 1970s Unopened

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Great for travel!

Experience the timeless game of CHINESE MAHJONG on the go with this convenient and compact set.

This set includes 144 small-sized tiles with traditional Chinese characters engraved in red, black, and green. It also comes with 4 blank tiles, dice, 2 wind indicators, a holder, and a case. The tiles measure approximately 1 ⅛” x ½” x ¾” and consist of 36 Dots or Circles, 36 Bamboos or Bams, 36 Characters or Craks, 12 Dragons, 8 Flowers, and 4 Blanks. 

The tiles are stored in 4 removable storage trays, remaining in pristine condition The trays of tiles remain unopened in the original cellophane wrap with the exception of one, where the cellophane wrap is slightly torn on one side. A small gold label stating "Made in Taiwan Republic of China" is on one of the trays.

Screen printing featuring the phrase MAHJONG adorns the front of the black vinyl case in gold. The case is secured with snaps and measures 10 ¾” x 8 ¼” x 1 ½”.

This set is designed for traditional Chinese mahjong game play. 

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