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Tony Chachere

Tony Chachere's CAJUN COUNTRY COOKBOOK | 1990 ©1972

Tony Chachere's CAJUN COUNTRY COOKBOOK | 1990 ©1972

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Tony Chachere's CAJUN COUNTRY COOKBOOK is the classic Southern Louisiana cookbook that set the stage for the launch of both Tony Chachere's celebrated Creole original seasoning blend and his legendary self-named brand.

Includes a wide variety of Cajun-style dishes featuring fresh fish, seafood, and game, as well as classic Southern staples such as cornbread, biscuits, pralines, cobblers, spiced yams, fried okra, and gumbos. Since many of his savory recipes were seasoned with a special home seasoning blend recipe, he included that recipe as well.

This spiral bound edition is from the 23rd printing in 1990 and is in very good condition. It includes no tears or bent corners. There is a gift note to the book's owners written on the title page.

About Tony Chachere: Motivated by his love of Cajun cooking and upon retiring from various distinguished professions, including pharmacology, establishing a drug company, and life insurance sales, in his mid sixties, Tony dedicated himself to compiling a cookbook from recipes he collected and developed over 40 years. The seasoning recipe in his cookbook quickly gained massive popularity and consequently, he began the mass-production of his signature Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning in 1972.

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