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Vintage Enamelware & Graniteware

TINY ANTIQUE 3" TALL BUCKET in Mottled Gray with Tin Lid Possible Salesman Sample

TINY ANTIQUE 3" TALL BUCKET in Mottled Gray with Tin Lid Possible Salesman Sample

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This tiny GRANITEWARE BUCKET is quite a find!  The bucket stands only 3" tall and is 4" wide at the bottom and holds about 2 cups of liquid.  Small granite ware buckets are not seen often.  Because of the size, it could have been a salesman sample or a child's berry bucket.

The bucket is enameled in mottled gray both inside and out and is seamed.  Attached is a wire bail handle.  The lid is tin with a cute black wood finial knob.  A similar bucket, although seamless is shown in The Collector's Encyclopedia of Granite Ware by Helen Greguire.

Please review the photos carefully as this one is in nearly perfect condition having minimal granite loss and rust. 

The piece would be a great addition to someone's French country or farmhouse style decorating!

Enamel & Granite Ware
Enamelware is made from an old process of coating metal with porcelain, which became popular in the 1800s. By the late 1870s, a new form of enamel ware was developed, called "granite ware."

Graniteware was designed with decorative patterns resembling granite, ranging from mottled, speckled, spatters or swirls. Early granite ware included patterns in turquoise blue with white and green. Both enamel and granite ware were used in the production of early kitchen utility ware. 

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