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Southern Living Hall of Fame Winner

THREE RIVERS COOKBOOK I: The Good Taste of Pittsburgh | Child Health Association ©1973

THREE RIVERS COOKBOOK I: The Good Taste of Pittsburgh | Child Health Association ©1973

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THREE RIVERS COOKBOOK I: The Good Taste of Pittsburgh is a popular regional cookbook with recipes from Pittsburgh restaurants and community members. Each recipe is accompanied by the name of its contributor and most recipes are heavily influenced by the traditions and customs of Pittsburgh’s multi-cultural and ethnic heritage. The cookbook has been named a Southern Living Hall of Fame winner.

The 250-page comb-bound cookbook is in good condition with no tears; however, the cover does show some browning, especially on the edges.  The Southern Living Hall of Fame sticker is on the front.

A must-have addition to your culinary library, this cookbook is an example of a community cookbook. Frequently published by a group of women as a fundraiser, these treasured cookbooks allow us to gain a unique insight into American culture, social norms, and the collective history during an era. Through the recipes, kitchen equipment used, household hints and headnotes, the reader is provided a valuable snapshot of historical details that might not be documented elsewhere. As a result, these cookbooks have become unofficial records of the past, often valued by collectors and culinary scholars more for their historical relevance, than the recipes inside.

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