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THE CALUMET BAKING BOOK Vintage Recipe Booklet Circa 1931
THE CALUMET BAKING BOOK Vintage Recipe Booklet Circa 1931
THE CALUMET BAKING BOOK Vintage Recipe Booklet Circa 1931
THE CALUMET BAKING BOOK Vintage Recipe Booklet Circa 1931
General Foods

THE CALUMET BAKING BOOK Vintage Recipe Booklet ©1931

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THE CALUMET BAKING BOOK is a beautiful illustrated recipe booklet published by Calumet Baking Powder in 1931. The booklet was edited by Marion Jane Parker who worked for General Foods Corporation at the time.  The recipe booklet is a great example of mid-century American retail advertising when store, food products, and new appliance promotions included branded cookbooks, recipe pamphlets and booklets as give-aways. 

The 32-page softcover book is filled with recipes and colorful vintage illustrations.  It measures 7 ¾” high by 5” wide.  It's softcover is designed with a vibrant royal and sky blue background highlighted with beautiful illustrations of baked cakes, pies, muffins, sweet rolls, and cookies.

The introduction is signed Miss Parker describes how bakers have great success with Calumet Baking Powder--the Double Acting Baking Powder followed by several pages describing how to test and use the product.  This is followed by a 100 or so baking recipes, including Afternoon Tea Biscuits, Swedish Tea Rolls, Griddle Cakes, Southern Waffles, Apple Sauce Cake, Palermo Lemon Cake, Hermits, Lady Baltimore Frosting and Filling, Seven Minute Frosting, Apple Fritters, Potato Puffs and many more!

This booklet is in good condition with no tears and appears to be unused.  The copyright date is 1931 but the date 1933 has been penciled on one of the introduction pages.  There some browning and on a few pages, age spots--which happens to all of us, when we are reaching our 90's!


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