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STEAMBOAT COFFEE CAN Wren House Circa 1950

STEAMBOAT COFFEE CAN Wren House Circa 1950

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This vintage handcrafted green and orange WREN HOUSE was made from a one-pound STEAMBOAT COFFEE CAN.  The Steamboat coffee brand was made Fred W. Hinz & Sons of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

If you look closely, the illustration of the company’s trademark Mississippi paddleboat can be seen peeking through the green paint on both sides.  The paddleboat illustration was a rendition of the popular paddle steamer, Gordon C. Greene.

The birdhouse is in good condition, other than a dent or two on the roof.  It has not been used outdoors and has a clean interior. 

There are a few dents on the green coffee can base measures approximately 5” across by 3 ¼” high.  With the conical orange roof, the entire birdhouse measures about 7” across by 5” high.  The perch is designed using a small dowel stick.   

I would not recommend the bird house for anything other than decorating, not only because its vintage, but because the entrance hole is only ⅞” wide, which is barely large enough for a small house wren.  However, it would be a great décor piece—especially for your nature lover or with the orange and green, a gift for your favorite Green Bay Packers fan!

Note:  One of the images is a photo of an old Steamboat Coffee Can.  The Steamboat Coffee Can photo is for references purposes only so you have an idea what is under the green paint and is not included as part of the sale

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