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SIMPLY SIMPÁTICO | Junior League of Albuquerque ©1981

SIMPLY SIMPÁTICO | Junior League of Albuquerque ©1981

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SIMPLY SIMPÁTICO celebrates New Mexico's heritage and the congenial way of life that has arisen from its distinct cultural background. It emphasizes the diverse array of dishes that beautifully encapsulate the modern lifestyle and cooking traditions of the people of New Mexico - dishes that not only have historical origins, but also embody the authentic tastes of the Southwest cuisine. 

Released in 1981 by the Junior League of Albuquerque, this 351-page cookbook won the prestigious McIlhenny Hall of Fame Award. It features a wealth of tasty recipes gathered from members, friends, top chefs, and renowned hostesses all over New Mexico.Some noteworthy dishes include Huevos Rancheros, Tortilla Soup, Indian Fry Bread, and Homemade Tamales.

One notable feature of the cookbook is its instructive introductory chapter, "Comida Simpático," which delves into the history of New Mexico's cuisine and the use of locally grown ingredients and spices, essential elements of the region's traditional culinary style.

This well-maintained soft-cover spiral-bound edition is a 7th printing of the product, maintaining its original quality.

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