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Shawnee Pottery Company

SHAWNEE POTTERY QUEEN CORN Fruit Bowl Circa 1954 - 1961

SHAWNEE POTTERY QUEEN CORN Fruit Bowl Circa 1954 - 1961

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This listing features a vintage FRUIT DISH or FRUIT BOWL produced by SHAWNEE POTTERY COMPANY in the Genuine QUEEN CORN pattern. The bright yellow and green pottery is completely covered with a raised pattern of whimsical buttery light yellow corn and deep forest green shuck.

The bowl is in great vintage condition with no chips, cracks or crazing. Measuring just 6" wide, the cute bowl is stamped Shawnee USA Oven-Proof and with its mold number 92. The small QUEEN CORN fruit bowl in this condition is hard to find.

Shawnee Corn Pottery: Shawnee Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio produced three distinct lines of corn ware from 1941 until its dissolution in 1961, the most renowned and sought-after of which was Corn King. Initially released in 1941 as White Corn King with white kernels and dark green husks, the line consisted of seven pieces before being redesigned in 1946 with yellow kernels and lighter green husks, at which point the line was renamed simply Corn King. Upon decreased sales, Shawnee revamped the line in 1954 as Queen Corn, featuring lighter yellow kernels and darker green shucks.

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