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SHAKER-STYLE SWALLOW TAIL JOINTED Circular Nesting Boxes Set of Nine (9)

SHAKER-STYLE SWALLOW TAIL JOINTED Circular Nesting Boxes Set of Nine (9)

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Featuring a complete set of nine (9) STACKING SHAKER-STYLE SWALLOW TAIL JOINTED CIRCULAR NESTING BOXES with matching covers. 

Bentwood boxes such as these were originally used by the Shakers as a working-boxes to store dry items such as kitchen ingredients or needlework.   They were popular because they stored easily, as a smaller one could be placed inside a larger one.  A complete set of seven to nine was a rare luxury, as in most nineteenth century households, one box could cost about a full day’s pay or more.  Oval boxes are more readily available than circular boxes.

The reproduction set is beautiful and when stacked, stands over 31” high.  However, when nested together in the largest box, the set compacts to 5 ½” high by 12” wide.  The lap-sided bands are fastened using copper tacks rather than wooden pegs, a signature of quality of a well-made Shaker box.  The exteriors of seven (7) of the boxes are painted and two (2) are natural.  The interiors are natural.

Slightly approximate, the dimensions and paint color of each box are as follows:

  1. Blue (5 ½” high by 12” wide)
  2. Green (5” high by 10 ¾” wide)
  3. Mustard yellow (4 ⅞” high by 9 ¾” wide)
  4. Antiqued natural (4” high x 8 ¾” wide)
  5. Black (3 ½” high by 7 ¾” wide)
  6. Rusty Red (3 ⅛” high x 6 ⅞” wide)
  7. Blue (2 ½” high x 5 ⅞” wide)
  8. Green (1 ⅞” high x 5” wide)
  9. Unpainted natural (1 ⅜” high x 4” wide)

Shaker boxes remain popular with collectors including reproductions such as these.  A similar set of nine circular boxes was sold by Skinner Auctions for $770.

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