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Rookwood Pottery



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A wonderful antique BLUE SAILING SHIPS TEA SET manufactured by Rookwood Pottery of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The pattern, BLUE SAILING SHIPS ON WHITE also called SHIPWARE, was released by the pottery company in 1886, and was one of Rookwood's earliest patterns.

The set includes a teapot with lid, sugar bowl with lid, and creamer. The pieces are stamped with the monogram mark of a reversed R and P with no flame point, which dates the set to 1886. In 1887, Rookwood began to add a flame point above the RP monogram--continuing to add one point each year until the year 1900, at which time the monogram mark was encircled by 14 flame points.

In addition to the monogram mark, the pieces are impressed with the pattern numbers -- M15 for the teapot, M19 for the sugar bowl, and M20 for the creamer. The teapot also has a X stamp, meaning it was a secondary quality piece, having a technical flaw, such as a glaze bubble, minor discoloration, kiln crack, or warp.

Dimensions for the set are as follows:

  • The teapot is 4 ½” high and holds just under 3 cups of liquid
  • The creamer is 3 ⅜” high and holds about 6 ounces of liquid
  • The covered sugar bowl is 2 ⅝” high

Other than the teapot, which has a small nick on the bottom rim, the set is in near perfect condition and appears that it was never used. Please review the photos carefully.

The set would be a great addition to someone's teapot collection, art pottery collection, and especially for someone who loves Rookwood Pottery.

About Rookwood Pottery: Rookwood Pottery was founded in 1880 by Maria Longworth Storer. Storer named the new art pottery company Rookwood after the large number of crows that roosted in the trees of her family home. She was an active participant in the development of the art community in Cincinnati and at one time worked at the Frederick Dallas Pottery.

In 1891, Storer turned the management of the company over to W.W. Taylor. It was under his leadership that the art pottery company attained great significance and realized its greatest profit both in money and talent.

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