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Red Raven Company

Red Raven Splits "ASK THE MAN" Advertising Double-Logo Match Holder Circa 1910

Red Raven Splits "ASK THE MAN" Advertising Double-Logo Match Holder Circa 1910

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Early, heavy white porcelain double-logo ADVERTISING MATCH HOLDER for RED RAVEN, featuring great image of company's colorful red trademark bird and bottle on both sides.  Below the logo on one side is the company's slogan, "Ask the Man," while below the logo on the opposite side are the words, Red Raven Splits.

The Red Raven Splits brand, advertised to fight headaches, indigestion, liver ailments--but primarily, a hangover, was very popular in the early 1900s.  The company had great advertising products, like this match holder, to keep their product in the public eye. The brand lost much of its appeal with the onset of Prohibition--possibly no longer needed because of its use for hangovers.

The Pre-Prohibition piece was most likely restaurant chinaware and used in a tavern, restaurant, railroad dining car, drug store fountain, hotel, or other eatery as part of its actual table service.  It was made by the Warwick China Company of Wheeling, West Virginia.

The piece measures just under 6" in diameter and 3 ½” high.  The condition of the piece is very good.  There are no chips or crazing but there is the beginning of a tiny ¼” hairline on one side near the top.  Some of the gold gilt border has worn.  

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