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Pilgrim Glass Corporation



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This offering is for a large beautiful piece of vintage hand blown cranberry glass by PILGRIM GLASS.  The classic shaped DELPHI VASE stands approximately 13 ½” tall and is 4" wide at the mouth and 6" wide at the largest point. The vase has the optic swirl pattern.

It is not often you find these large pieces from Pilgrim Glass. The vase is in great condition and has no chips, cracks or repairs. It is a gorgeous piece of cranberry glass--perfect for a fresh bouquet of flowers.

History of Pilgrim Cranberry Glass: Pilgrim Glass Corporation, founded in 1956 by Alfred Knobler in Ceredo, West Virginia, initially created crackle glass and art glass similar to Blenko. However, the company made its mark in the glass industry in 1968 when it developed some of the world's most beautiful colored glass, Pilgrim Cranberry Glass. Due to the intensity of the process, production of the hand-blown cranberry glass was challenging; it was labor-intensive and difficult to attain the deep cranberry hue, as gold chloride was added to the molten glass during the creation process. This process necessitated the involvement of several glass workers per product.

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