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Once Upon a Table, A Collection of Recipes

Once Upon a Table, A Collection of Recipes

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Once Upon a Table is a collection of recipes my husband, Ed and I prepared for our daughter, Carly, extended family, and friends over the years. Whether the dish was prepared for one of the countless holiday dinners, special celebrations, or parties we hosted, or even for a weeknight meal--these are the recipes that made memories. Still today, if I taste a piece of cranberry nut bread, I think of Christmas, or the smell of charbroiled steak in the cool fall air, whisks me back to my days of coordinating golf tournaments at Firestone Country Club during the autumn months.

When Carly married, I wanted to preserve these memories and the recipes she grew up with, so I began to gather handwritten recipe cards and scribbled cooking notes from family and friends, and from my own recipe notebooks. It was important to include those treasured family recipes, that so often become lost through the years, especially those handed down from our mothers and grandmothers. When possible, I included an anecdotal story of when and where the recipe originated with each recipe.

I’ve included some of Carly's favorites in this cookbook: Cucumbers and Sour Cream, Jane's Blue Cheese Ball, Mini Meatballs, Cranberry Applesauce, Fish in Parchment, Peppered Beef Tenderloin, White Chocolate Raspberry Tart and Carly's Favorite Sundae.

Now, it is Carly's time to create cherished cooking memories in her kitchen with her husband, Jake and their children, Hailey and Dominic.

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