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Van Briggle Pottery

MULBERRY & BLUE 5" VASE Van Briggle Art Pottery 1910 - 1945

MULBERRY & BLUE 5" VASE Van Briggle Art Pottery 1910 - 1945

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Very nice art pottery vase by VAN BRIGGLE of Colorado Springs. The design is raised poppy under a mulberry and blue matt glaze.  The vase stands about 5" high.

The bottom of the base is incised with the Van Briggle logo--the double A for Artus and Anne.  Under the logo are the words, Van Briggle Colo. Spgs-.  There are no incised date or mold numbers. 

The script style of the incisor, especially the fancy capital V and lower case g's, is very similar to an early Van Briggle mark  (1908 - 1911) found on the Artus Van Briggle Marks website.  See marks 11 and 12 for more information.  Clem Hull shows a similar incised mark on his website, dating the etching style to 1930 - 1940.  See Etcher H.  If you look closely at the photographs you will see that there also may also be an ink glazer's mark on the bottom in cobalt blue ink.  

The glaze colors on the vase are gorgeous and it is in wonderful condition with no chips or cracks.  Would be a great addition to someone's art pottery collection.


Artus and Anne Van Briggle founded Van Briggle Pottery of Colorado Springs in 1899.  Artus was trained as a painter in Europe and worked at the Rookwood Pottery in Cincinnati, OH prior to starting his own pottery company.  He moved to Colorado Springs since the climate was thought to be appropriate for his struggles with tuberculosis. 

For years, Artus experimented with formulas to create beautiful matte glazes.  However, it wasn't until 1901 that he perfected his formula and was able to produce the perfect, rich, matte-glazed pottery he had sought for so long - the first pieces created in centuries, the first ever on this side of the world. Art judges proclaimed that his newly discovered glazes were, "A supreme discovery in modern ceramics."

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