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MONKEY FACE CARD GAME with Mervin the Monk & Friends Christmas Edition Circa 1935

MONKEY FACE CARD GAME with Mervin the Monk & Friends Christmas Edition Circa 1935

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Offering an adorable set of MERVIN MONK AND FRIENDS MONKEY FACE children's playing cards. The listing includes two full sets of MONKEY FACE CARDS in the one box for a total of 38 cards.

The game is played with nine pairs of numbered playing cards and one odd card. It's a matching game similar to Go Fish but the player chooses blindly, rather than asking for another player's card. The object is to match the pairs without being left with the odd card Mervin Monk--and being declared the "Monkey Face."

The game was probably sold as a Christmas stocking gift as the packaging is a 4" x 2 ½” cardboard box illustrated on both sides with a monkey skiing down a slope carry a Christmas present!

On each 2" x 3 ½” card is a funny cartoon face of an animal--with a name.

  1. 2 of the #0 MERVIN MONK – the Monkey Face odd card
  2. 4 of the #1 CUDDLY BEAR card
  3. 4 of the #2 BULLY BUTCH card
  4. 4 of the #3 JACKY AXE card
  5. 4 of the #4 PUSSY WILLOW card
  6. 4 of the #5 HAPPY HARE card
  7. 4 of the #6 ELEANOR ELEPHANT card
  8. 4 of the #7 HORATIO HIPPO card
  9. 4 of the #8 LIPPY LION card
  10. 4 of the #9 HORACE HOG card

The cards are in vintage condition. There is wear to the cute box, including the top flap torn from the box; however, this type of wear is expected for a cardboard box that held a deck of playing cards.  The game would be a great addition to an antique/vintage toy collection---or as a Christmas stocking gift for anyone who loves old things!

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