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IBold Brothers

MICHAEL IBOLD & PETER IBOLD Antique Cigar Boxes with Lithograph Paper Labels

MICHAEL IBOLD & PETER IBOLD Antique Cigar Boxes with Lithograph Paper Labels

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Two early antique wood cigar boxes from independent Cincinnati cigar manufacturers, MICHAEL IBOLD INC. and the PETER IBOLD COMPANY.

The first is a M. IBOLD SONADA JUNIORS WOOD CIGAR BOX measuring 8 ¾" by 5" and 2 ¾" deep.  The M. IBOLD SONADA ALL QUALITY oval gold logo is on top.  All sides still have much of their original colorful paper labels.  The bottom is ink stamped with the state regulations notice.  

Inside the lid is a SONADA lithograph label featuring a portrait of a beautiful aristocratic woman wearing a gold chain and cross.  The portrait is framed in gold gild and adorned on both sides with childlike angels, pink roses, and gold coins.

The second box is a PETER IBOLD SLIM JIM WOOD CIGAR BOX designed in a cubicle shape measuring about 5 ¾" to 6" square (measurements of sides slightly vary as it is not completely square). The colorful paper labels and tax stamps are missing or partially missing on several sides but underneath is ink printing advertising the brand and manufacturer. 

The lid is no longer attached to the box but still has its interior label.  The design of the label is quite different.  It features children playing--one child dressed as a Spanish or Roman emperor smoking a large cigar, while three other children carry the cigar. Bordering the label, are children smoking cigars while sitting on tobacco pipes. The outer lid is similar artwork but ink stamped. There is a partial tax stamp still adhered to the box.  

Although the wood cigar boxes are in fair to good condition and have lost to the paper labels, the remaining labels are quite interesting and a great example of the American cigar industry from the turn of the last century.

About IBOLD: Brothers Michael and Peter Ibold immigrated from Germany to Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 1800s, founding two of the largest independent cigar manufacturing businesses in the Midwest. 

Sixteen years older than Michael, Peter founded the Peter Ibold Company around 1875, following his service in the Civil War.  When Michael came to America at age 20, Peter hired his younger brother as an apprentice and taught him the business.  By 1884, Michael was in business for himself, founding Michael Ibold Inc.  

Friendly competitors, the brothers remained close until the death of Peter who died in 1923 at the age of 83 years old.  Michael died four years later.  In 1942, the son of Peter Ibold retired from the business, selling his father’s business to his cousin—finally merging the two companies after more than 75 years of business. 

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