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Linen Era Postcard

King of Rex Mardi Gras NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Vintage Linen Postcard Circa 1939

King of Rex Mardi Gras NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Vintage Linen Postcard Circa 1939

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Vintage linen souvenir postcard, "King of Rex Mardi Gras New Orleans, LA.", depiciting one of the oldest participating groups in Mardi Gras. Rex is the origin of many of the carnivals traditions, including the official colors of purple, green and gold, as well as the collectible doubloon coins.

The back of the postcard reads: The King's float at the City Hall where the keys to the city is handed him. In the evening, Rex is the host at the royal ball and at eleven p.m. he and his queen leave to pay a call on the royal court of Comus."

  • Era: Linen, 1939 based on postage box
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • Publisher: Curt Teich, Chicago, IL
  • Artwork: A. Hirschwitz, New Orleans
  • Subject: Mardi Gras, King Rex
  • Condition: Front of postcard is excellent but the back does have discoloration and spots on back, possibly old glue and water spot on back right hand corner 
  • Postmark: January 10, 1947 - New Orleans, Louisiana to Stockton, Ohio
  • Message: Handwritten
  • Size: 5 ½” x 3 ½”

Packaged in protective postcard sleeve.

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