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Isaiah Bunn

Rare ISAIAH BUNN RIVERSIDE BOTTLING WORKS Hutchinson Bottle with Error Circa 1890

Rare ISAIAH BUNN RIVERSIDE BOTTLING WORKS Hutchinson Bottle with Error Circa 1890

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Extremely rare ISAIAH BUNN RIVERSIDE BOTTLING WORKS Hutchinson bottle, circa 1888 - 1893.  The bottle manufacturer made a spelling error, using RIVER SIDE rather than Riverside.

According to Hutchbook, one of the foremost authorities of antique Hutchinson bottles, this example has a rarity classification of RARE, with less than 10 known examples.  The Hutchbook bottle identification number is NY1369.

The embossed mark on the front panel is centered over six lines:


No markings on the back panel, however the heel is marked F.B.Co. for the Findlay Bottling Company.  The Bottle Research Group Logo Table dates Findlay the mark between 1888 - 1893.  The base is embossed with a star. The height of the bottle is approximately 6 ⅝" and the base is 2 ⅜" across.  The color is a very light aqua--almost just a tinge of aqua.  Seams from the base to the shoulder run on both sides.  It is in fantastic condition with chips or cracks.

The Isaiah Bunn Riverside Bottling Works was founded in April 1890 by Isaiah Bunn.  He opened his new bottling works on the banks of the Wawayanda River and "put up" and delivered all kinds soda water, summer drinks, and lager. 

In addition to the bottling works, Bunn sold ice to the Village of Warwick, New York.  He advertised his ice as "the finest and purest of ice and made by spring brook water, in carefully made and cleaned ponds, no contaminated or muddy bottoms--no stale pond water."  The "ice pond" was located on his grounds behind the bottling works. When Bunn died in 1936 at the age of 78, his son Howard took over the bottling works and his son-in-law, Archibald Hare ran the ice company.

A few images are included with scans from the local papers as well as a village map showing the Bunn property.  These are not included in the listing but are meant to be used as additional information for the buyer.

Note:  Historic bottles should not be used for food or beverage storage.

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