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Bauscher of Weiden Bavaria



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Three (3) HOTEL SINTON CINCINNATI DEMITASSE CUPS from the 1920s.  The small cups were made by Bauscher of Weiden, Bavaria and distributed by Arthur Schiller and Son, Chicago

The white china cups measure just under 2 1/2” high and are decorated with a pretty French gray laurel swag decorative border below the rim.  The bottom of the cups are stamped in blue or black with the following:

  • Round Bauscher Weiden mark above Weiden-Bavaria; the Bauscher mark used from 1921 until the late 1920s
  • U.S. Pat. Off. Arthur Schiller and Son, Chicago
  • Especially designed for the Hotel Sinton Cincinnati
  • A year; each cup is stamped with a different year—1923, 1924, 1928

The cup stamped 1924 also has the Hotel Sinton logo on the side.

The Hotel Sinton Cincinnati opened in 1907 and was considered not only to be “Cincinnati’s finest hotel” but one of the finest in the world.  The hotel could accommodate twelve hundred guests and every room had a private bath and a “servidor"--a cabinet that opened to both the room and the corridor to allow secure and private deliveries to the room.  

The hotel served many distinguished and prominent guests from around the world, some who stayed for extended periods of time, including, four U.S. Presidents--Coolidge, Harding, Wilson and Taft, as well as Al Jolson, Prince of Wales, Count Tolstoy, and King Albert of Belgium. 

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