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C.I. Hood & Company

HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA APOTHECARIES Aqua Glass Bottle Lowell Massachusetts Circa 1878 - 1922

HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA APOTHECARIES Aqua Glass Bottle Lowell Massachusetts Circa 1878 - 1922

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Founded by Charles Ira Hood in 1875, the C.I. HOOD & CO of Lowell, Massachusetts was among the largest patent medicine companies in the United States.  The mainstay of the company for more than 50 years, was HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA

This older variety HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA bottle likely from the late 1800s, is made of light colored amber glass.  It is about 8 ¾” tall by 3" wide and is about 1 ¾” in depth. 

There are multiple embossed markings on the bottle.

  • Positioned on three lines in large embossed letters on the front sidewall are the words, HOOD'S SARSA PARILLA.
  • C.I. HOOD & CO is positioned vertically down the left side of the bottle.
  • LOWELL MASS is positioned vertically down the right side of the bottle.
  • The word, APOTHECARIES is positioned vertically on the back sidewall of the bottle, inside an indented rectangle shape.
  • The number 25 is embossed inside a circle shape on the base.

Note:  Historic bottles should not be used for food or beverage storage. 

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