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Golden's Magic Wand

Risqué Gag Gift "I'LL LET YOU PLAY WITH MINE, IF..." Circa 1960s

Risqué Gag Gift "I'LL LET YOU PLAY WITH MINE, IF..." Circa 1960s

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"I'LL LET YOU PLAY WITH MINE, IF..." Risqué Gag Gift from the 1960s.

Printed on the top of the brown lids reads:


Inside the box is the gag—two plastic yo-yos, one marked "his" and the other marked "hers."  The box measures 6” by 3 ⅜” by 1". The box is in good structural condition.  The Golden's logo is printed on the edge of the box.

The gag gift was made by Golden's Magic Wand of Costa Mesa, California founded by Eddy Golden.  Initially, the business began as a small retail store in Pasadena, selling such staples as whoopee cushions, fake vomit and magic-kits.  Over 75 years, it grew into one of the nation’s largest suppliers, manufacturers and importers of magic devices, novelties, party gifts, jokes and costumes. The company’s name was a combination of his Eddy's last name and his love for the performing magic tricks.

WHAT EXACTLY IS A GAG BOX?  According to collectors, the whole idea is to entice you to open the box up--like a funny three-dimensional greeting card.  When you open it, it's not at all what you expected--but a gag! 

Gag boxes became very popular during World War II and actually held priority with mail service during the War.  When the Washington D.C. postal service office was asked why these risqué and funny gag boxes got to the troops when other things didn't, they answered, “We’ve had combat fatigue cases that never cracked a smile for weeks until somebody handed them a gag.” Ain’t that neat?

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