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German-American Artist

Original Oil Painting of North Sea in Europe Seascape by Gertrude Grigorov

Original Oil Painting of North Sea in Europe Seascape by Gertrude Grigorov

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An original seascape oil painting on stretched canvas by well-known 20th century painter, GERTRUDE GRIGOROV. 

The painting may depict the North Sea in Europe. Although Grigorov did not pencil the name of the painting on the stretcher bar as she did with some of her work, the scene is very similar to her painting, North Sea Summertime, Europe

Grigorov primarily used oils in muted shades of brown and taupe with a touch of ochre for the painting. The sky features seagulls in flight above the frothy waves of the sea. Note: On a computer screen, the images may reflect more ochre yellow--but the actual artwork has more tones of brown than ochre. The painting is not framed and measures 8" x 10." The painting is in very good original condition with no visible paint loss or canvas punctures. The artist signature, G. Grigorov is in the lower left corner.

About Gertrude Grigorov: A well-listed German American landscape artist, Grigorov was born in Germany in 1926. She met her husband, Michale Grigorov in the Bavarian Alps near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where they later married. During the 1960s, the couple emigrated to the United States and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. The majority of the scenes in her paintings reflect her memories of life in Austria and include landscapes, mountain ranges, and seasides, and since many of her paintings were done in Cincinnati, the influence of the Ohio River can be seen in some of her works. The couple moved back to Germany in the 1980s, but Grigorov returned to Cincinnati in the late 1990s where she continued to paint until she died in 2010. Grigorov paintings are well-collected by private collectors through the United States and West Germany.

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