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FROM THE MANGER TO THE CROSS Vintage Sheet Music by Odell McLeod ©1950

FROM THE MANGER TO THE CROSS Vintage Sheet Music by Odell McLeod ©1950

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Odell McLeod is the composer and lyricist of FROM THE MANGER TO THE CROSS; a timeless country-gospel song. Popularized by artists such as Hank Williams, the song has become an integral part of country music history. Published by Acuff-Rose Publications in Nashville, Tennessee, this vintage sheet music features the 1950 recording of the song by Andy Wilson for MGM Records .

Odell McLeod (1916-2003), known affectionately as Mac Odell, was a country-gospel singer, radio entertainer, and songwriter. His early influences included the likes of Skillet Lickers, Deford Bailey, and Jimmie Rodgers. He began his professional career working with Slim Basset as Mac and Slim in the 1930s. After marrying Addie in 1939, the husband wife duo went on to become a much-loved radio team, known as Mac and Little Addie, on WJJD in Chicago's Suppertime Frolic. Even after decades of success, Mac and Addie continued to tour the globe as the renowned gospel duo A.G. and Kate.

The sheet music's cover displays an illustration of the Three Wise Men following the star to Bethlehem to find the newly born King, in navy blue hues, complemented by an inset portrait of Andy Wilson. Preserved in a protective sleeve, it is in excellent condition without any rips or tears.

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