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Fenton Art Glass Company

FENTON CRANBERRY ART GLASS Quilt Block & Adams Rib Design Circa 1990s

FENTON CRANBERRY ART GLASS Quilt Block & Adams Rib Design Circa 1990s

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Beautiful CREAM PITCHER by FENTON ART GLASS COMPANY in Country Cranberry.

The pattern design resembles quilt blocks which encircle the middle of the pitcher. Above and below the quilt blocks is the old ADAMS RIB design. There are two types of quilt blocks--one in raised diamond and the other, in a square shaped sunflower or sunburst.

The piece has a gorgeous curved applied handle in the reed design. The pitcher's design is a reminder of the Bennington cranberry glass designs by Pilgrim Glass.

The Fenton mark on the vase is barely visible but it does have a small 0 outside the oval mark signifying that this was not an original Fenton mold, but from another company. This mark was used on borrowed/purchased molds in the 1990s.

The pitcher holds about 8 ounces of liquid and is about 5 ¼” tall including the curved handle, or 4 ¾” not measuring the handle. The inside is about 2 ½” wide. The piece is in excellent condition and has no chips, cracks or repairs.

Fenton Cranberry Glass: Fenton Cranberry Glass pieces boasts genuine gold, the catalyst for transforming the molten glass into the iconic, vibrant cranberry hue. Its creation requires mastery of both the glass-blowing artistry and the scientific knowledge to mix the specific gold chloride formula. In some cases, up to 25 artisans are needed to craft a single piece.

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