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Real Photo Postcard (RPPC)

Edwardian Era BOYS CLASS OR TEAM GROUP PHOTO "Gibson Girl Fashion & Baseball" Antique Real Photo Postcard Circa 1910

Edwardian Era BOYS CLASS OR TEAM GROUP PHOTO "Gibson Girl Fashion & Baseball" Antique Real Photo Postcard Circa 1910

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"Circa 1910 Class Photo of Boys with Baseball Gloves and Gibson Girl Dressed Teachers" 

The black and white Edwardian era real photo postcard features a group of grade school age boys holding their baseball gloves high in display of their love for America's favorite pastime!

While interscholastic baseball teams were rare and disorganized in the early 1900s, especially for grade school students, some schools did participate if they could find a neighboring school willing to play. Team photographs of older boys are more common, and it is not often that a photograph of a team this young is found.

The female teachers are fashionably dressed in the popular Gibson Girl style of the era--puffed blouses, A-line skirt, corset tightened waist, and soft hair piled high into a fluffy bouffant. One female teacher is dressed in the newest fashion trend of the time, a masculine style suit coat with bow tie.

Like many real photo postcards, the photograph does not fully cover the postcard and does not include an handwritten caption or location.

The stamp box dates the AZO photography paper from 1904 and 1918. The photograph may have been taken around 1910, as Gibson Girl fashion had lost its appeal by second decade of the century.

  • Era: Real Photo Postcard (RPPC)
  • Location: Unknown
  • Publisher: Unknown
  • Subject: Baseball, Edwardian fashion, Gibson girl, school photo, baseball team
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Postmark: Not posted
  • Size: 5 ½” x 3 ½”

Packaged in protective postcard sleeve.

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