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Dunoon Made in Scotland

SUE SCULLARD Bone China Mug Snowy Christmas Village Circa 1990s

SUE SCULLARD Bone China Mug Snowy Christmas Village Circa 1990s

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A snowy Christmas village is depicted on this festive vintage DUNOON SCOTLAND BONE CHINA MUG. Church steeples line the starry night sky and a large decorated Christmas tree stands on the town square. A red breasted robin sits in the snow. The illustration appears to be shown through arched windows, which are bordered by green holly leaves and tiny red berries. Below the town square tree is the word: Christmas.

The design is 360 degrees and completely covers all sides. This is one of Dunoon's designs from the early 1990s. The artist is Sue Scullard. Sculllard is a illustrator and wood engraver who has designed multiple pieces for Dunoon.

Made in Scotland, the mug is 4.25" tall in the Dunoon Devon shape. The capacity is about 8 ounces. The mug is in great vintage condition and would be great addition to anyone's Christmas china or Dunoon mug collection.

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