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Molded Plastic AUNT JEMIMA & MOSE SHAKERS 5” High Black Americana Circa 1940s

Molded Plastic AUNT JEMIMA & MOSE SHAKERS 5” High Black Americana Circa 1940s

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AUNT JEMINA & UNCLE MOSE SHAKERS, 5” high, were produced in the late 1940s by Fiedler & Fiedler (F & F) Mold and Die Works Company of Dayton, Ohio, as part of a promotional campaign with Quaker Oats. Crafted of molded hard red plastic with spray-painted details to formulate facial features, skin tones, and clothing, these shakers are complete with a green plastic stopper.

The Aunt Jemima shaker is dressed in a red dress and headscarf, with a white apron and neckerchief, while the Uncle Mose shaker holds a black top hat and is dressed in a red suit jacket, yellow slacks and bowtie. The Aunt Jemima is nearly perfect with most of her paint and still has her plastic stopper. The Uncle Mose has not faired as well with paint missing in a few places and no plastic stopper.  The bottom of his shaker has some type of glue near the hole and there is a plastic smudge on the back of this tailcoat. The manufacturer mark and Made in the USA is embossed on each bottom.

Quaker Oats drew its inspiration for both characters from songs. Aunt Jemima drew inspiration from a jaunty vaudeville number, while the Uncle Mose representation is based on "Old Man Mose", penned by jazz musicians Louis Armstrong and Zilner Randolph in 1935. In June 2020, Quaker Oats announced the retirement of Aunt Jemima, citing the need to progress toward racial equality due to the brand's stereotypical image.

About Black Americana:  Black Americana, also known as Black Memorabilia, comprises various collectibles and ephemera with an African American theme. While many of these items depict an offensive, racist theme, not all of them do. Black memorabilia can honor those who have impacted the world, such as civil rights activists, musicians, researchers, and other significant members of the black community.

The artifacts of Black Americana comprise an irreplaceable record of the subjugation of African-Americans throughout history, thereby demonstrating the injustice that prevailed at the time.. Opinions with regards to the preservation of Black Americana objects differ, with some arguing that it will extend racist attitudes, while others believe it is necessary in order to ensure that the history of Black America remains in the consciousness of future generations. Mr. David Pilgrim, the founder of the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University in Michigan, used a poignant quote to sum up the purpose of these artifacts: “Use items of intolerance to teach tolerance and promote social justice.”

For more information and to better understand Black Americana, visit the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University.

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