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Made in Germany

Rare Black Americana CERAMIC CHEF STANDING EGG TIMER Marked GERMANY Circa 1930s

Rare Black Americana CERAMIC CHEF STANDING EGG TIMER Marked GERMANY Circa 1930s

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This Black Americana EGG TIMER featuring the distinctive standing chef figurine is not as widely available as the sitting chef version. Embossed with 'Germany' on the back, this figurine measures approximately 3" in height, sans timer. It features hand-painted details, such as the white uniform and face. Paint loss on the face, tie and apron strings.

About Black Americana:  Black Americana, also known as Black Memorabilia, comprises various collectibles and ephemera with an African American theme. While many of these items depict an offensive, racist theme, not all of them do. Black memorabilia can honor those who have impacted the world, such as civil rights activists, musicians, researchers, and other significant members of the black community.

The artifacts of Black Americana comprise an irreplaceable record of the subjugation of African-Americans throughout history, thereby demonstrating the injustice that prevailed at the time.. Opinions with regards to the preservation of Black Americana objects differ, with some arguing that it will extend racist attitudes, while others believe it is necessary in order to ensure that the history of Black America remains in the consciousness of future generations. Mr. David Pilgrim, the founder of the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University in Michigan, used a poignant quote to sum up the purpose of these artifacts: “Use items of intolerance to teach tolerance and promote social justice.”

For more information and to better understand Black Americana, visit the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University.

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