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White Antique IRONSTONE THREE-PIECE TUREEN-SHAPED SOAP DISH Mellor, Taylor & Co. Circa Late 1800s

White Antique IRONSTONE THREE-PIECE TUREEN-SHAPED SOAP DISH Mellor, Taylor & Co. Circa Late 1800s

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Gorgeous pure white antique IRONSTONE THREE-PIECE SOAP DISH made by MELLOR, TAYLOR & COMPANY of Burslem Stoke-on-Tent in England.  The set is in the shape of a small oval tureen and is complete, including the drain and the finial topped lid.

The dish is stamped with an early mark of MELLOR, TAYLOR dating the piece to between 1880 and 1904.  The stamp incorporates a depiction of the Royal Arms with the lion rampart or standing with forepaws raised with a unicorn; a shield topped with a crown is between the animals.  Marked as follows:

Under the Royal Arms are the words:
 Above the Royal Arms are the words:

The set is in great condition with no chips. However, there is some crazing, blisters and staining giving the set a wonderful "shabby chic" look. If you prefer a crisp white look, there are multiple ways to remove browning and stains--just never use bleach. We normally do not clean antique ironstone as so many collectors prefer when a piece, shows its age.

The THREE-PIECE SOAP DISH measures about 5 ¾” by 4” in diameter.  It stands 2" without its lid and 3 ¾” with the lid.

This would be a wonderful piece to add to someone's antique ironstone collection--or given as a wedding or shower gift!

About Mellor, Taylor & Company Potteries: The first partners were Thomas Taylor, Henry Prall, Robert White, Ann Mellor and Marmaduke Mellor. Robert White retired from the business in 1888. Most of their ironstone was produced for the American market. The pottery was located in Burslem, England.  The business closed in 1904 due to bankruptcy and at the time the partners were Marmaduke Mellor, Ann Mellor and Thomas Taylor.

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