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Bristol Glass

Pair of Late 19th Century Victorian Era BRISTOL GLASS WHITE MANTLE VASES Hand-Painted Cherries and Blossoms

Pair of Late 19th Century Victorian Era BRISTOL GLASS WHITE MANTLE VASES Hand-Painted Cherries and Blossoms

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A wonderful pair of hand-painted BRISTOL GLASS MANTLE VASES in white opaline glass.  The vases are mold-blown, semi-opaque glass and are decorated with detailed botanical motifs featuring spring cherries and cherry blossoms.  The hand-painted motifs are raised and vary slightly on each vase.

Manufactured in the late 19th century, Victorian Bristol glass is appreciated for its delicately hand-painted botanical motifs.  The term Bristol glass traces its roots to Bristol, England, an important glass making center in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Although Victorian Bristol glass bears only a resemblance to the painted glass made a century earlier, the name was adopted.

The urn shaped vases stand just under 11” tall with the largest width of each vase at 4”.  Depth is about 2”.  The round bases are approximately 3 ¾” in diameter.  Scalloped rims and stepped bases are trimmed in silvery gold gilt.  Backs are decorated with a silvery gold gilt branch.

Condition of the two vases vary.  One is in near excellent condition, only with a touch the gilt loss, which is common on antique glass.  The second vase unfortunately, has a hairline crack that runs down the back of the vase.  Please look at the photos carefully.  Oddly, the crack cannot be felt from the underside but is visible on the outside.  The upside is that for display purposes, the crack is not visible since it is on the back.

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