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The Townhouse Antiques Highlighted at Scott Antique Market

From The Highland County Press July 27, 2018

Antiques aplenty at Scott Antique Markets’ June show

Clouds gave way to warmer, dry weather the morning of Scott Antique Markets in Washington Court House June 22-24, bringing with it an eager crowd of shoppers. 

Vendors filled many of the buildings and outside spaces at the Fayette County Fairgrounds, excited to greet shoppers and pair antique and vintage items with a new owner.

“It’s been very nice,” said Vickie Stranzin, who came to the show with her husband from Cincinnati. “There are a lot of good items out here right now.”

Stranzin and her husband left the show with a beautiful sewing basket and vintage fabric to be used for a new project, as well as a belt buckle or two.

All throughout the fairgrounds, beautiful antique pieces were on display, ready to go to a new home. One vendor lined an outdoor path with stunning pieces of furniture and had firefighting equipment, signs and other items for sale.

Down the row, another vendor had an old wooden train engine and caboose pull toy that sold for $24. Near the entrance, a vendor had a Hawthorne bicycle for sale for $100. A vintage dress form stood under a tent, waiting for a new designer, with a $70 price tag.

More amazing pieces were found inside the buildings as well. The Townhouse Antiques & Vintage booth had a stunning antique ice cream parlor soda fountain set for sale for $850. Another vendor had a display of cast iron, as well as a Stanley No. 79 Side Rabbet Plane for $675. The same vendor also had an antique hay wagon toy available for $185. An ornate oval mirror from the 1960s with gold and white paint sold for $25 in another building.

Hundreds of customers left the market over the weekend excitedly chatting about their new treasures. A group of friends from Marysville came to browse and left the show with a whole range of vintage items, including a beautiful painted metal doorstop.

There are still two more chances to catch Scott Antique Markets in Washington Court House this season before the show returns in 2019. The next show will be Aug. 24-26, and the season closer will be Sept. 28-30.
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