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ROLY POLY "SINGING WAITER" Dixie Queen Tobacco Tin
ROLY POLY "SINGING WAITER" Dixie Queen Tobacco Tin
ROLY POLY "SINGING WAITER" Dixie Queen Tobacco Tin
ROLY POLY "SINGING WAITER" Dixie Queen Tobacco Tin
ROLY POLY "SINGING WAITER" Dixie Queen Tobacco Tin
Cheinco Housewares

ROLY POLY "SINGING WAITER" Dixie Queen Tobacco Tin Replica by Cheinco Housewares Circa 1970's

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Replica of an antique ROLY POLY DIXIE QUEEN TOBACCO TIN CONTAINER. The original antique lithograph tins were produced by Tidenco of Baltimore around 1910.

This lithograph design is called the "SINGING WAITER." The lithograph is detailed and includes a rendering of a box of Dixie Queen Plug Cut Smoking Tobacco on the back of the little round man's coat. He wears a bright yellow vest, white bow tie and smokes a cigar as he sings, "everybody's smoking, everybody's smoking Dixie Queen; everybody's doing the something."  The details even include his "balding head."

The container stands and 7" tall and 6" in diameter at the widest point. Manufactured by Cheinco Housewares in the 1970s. Condition is very good with no scratches.  There are two tiny dents (about ½” in diameter) on his head and another near the base on the side.  All are difficult to see unless you view from the inside of the container.

Tidenco of Baltimore: Tindeco initially offered six different characters for Dixie Queen, Mayo, Red Indian and U.S. Marine. Tobaccos. At one point, the full collection of characters contained 18 characters.  Sometimes referred to as Brownie Tins, the tins were designed and marketed to hold brownies after the tobacco was used.  


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