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Hand Dipped Wax PINECONE FIRE STARTERS by Hinterland & Pine
Hand Dipped Wax PINECONE FIRE STARTERS by Hinterland & Pine
Hinterland & Pine

Hand Dipped Wax PINECONE FIRE STARTERS by Hinterland & Pine

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Hand Dipped Wax PINECONE FIRE STARTERS by Hinterland & Pine.

Hinterland & Pine is a small business owned by two young sibling entrepreneurs, ages 11 and 6 who specialize in making fire starters for outdoor fire pits and campfires. They sell their product at local farmers markets, including Liberty Farm Market and weekend craft shows. Local pickup available in the the Greater Cincinnati area.

Hinterland & Pine hand dips its PINECONE FIRE STARTERS several times in 100% recycled wax.  Ingredients in the small molded WAX FIRE STARTERS vary and may include dried bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, anise stars, seed pods, sweet gum balls, pine needles, rosemary, sage, citrus slices, or other natural items. Wax color varies.

Each bag contains an assortment of three (3) or five (5) fire starters.

  • Assortment of three: 2 molded wax fire starters and 1 hand dipped pinecone fire starter. 
  • Assortment of five: 2 molded wax fire starters and 3 hand dipped pinecone fire starters.

To light a fire, simply tuck a fire starter on top of a few small pieces of wood kindling near the base of your firewood stack. Position so air can circulate around the fire starter and when lit, the flame has access to the wood. Use a long match to light the fire starter.

Never light a fire starter while holding in your hand and always follow fire safety practices. Use only to start wood fires and do not use in gas log fireplaces or to start charcoal cooking fires. The fire starters are not wax melts or candles.

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