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1960 Kentucky Derby Glass #86
1961 Kentucky Derby Glass #87
KENTUCKY DERBY Mint Julep Glasses | 1960 - 1969 | Sold Individually
1963 Kentucky Derby Glass #89
1964 Kentucky Derby Glass #90
1965 Kentucky Derby Glass #91
1966 Kentucky Derby Glass #92
1967 Kentucky Derby Glass #93
KENTUCKY DERBY Mint Julep Glasses | 1960 - 1969 | Sold Individually
1969 Kentucky Derby Glass #95
Kentucky Derby

KENTUCKY DERBY Mint Julep Glasses | 1960 - 1969 | Sold Individually

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If the Kentucky Derby is the most famous race in North America, then the iconic KENTUCKY DERBY Mint Julep Glass is its most famous collectible and will be a hit at your next Derby Party. 

Set out a variety of the annual glasses and ask guests to choose a glass from a milestone year--great way for guests to track their glass and doubles as a fun conversation starter as guests exchange stories from the milestone year!

Listing is for glasses from 1960 to 1969. We have more than one-hundred Derby glasses in stock dating to the 1940s. Browse our Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass Collection for other years.

Each year the KENTUCKY DERBY Mint Julep Glass features a new design that incorporates the infamous Twin Spires, the recognized landmark symbol of Churchill Downs and the Derby. In 1953, the design began to list the names of past race winners.

The tradition dates to 64th running of the Derby 1938 when Churchill Downs used decorative water glasses in its dining rooms. When many of the water glasses "disappeared" because guests took them as souvenirs, Churchill Downs offered a take-home commemorative glass the following year, suitable for serving its signature drink, the mint julep. Immediately, mint julep sales soared.

We do not recommend washing collectible glassware in the dishwasher. All glasses sold without chips or cracks. 


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