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GOLDEN HANDS by Marshall Cavendish Ltd. London, England Copyright © 1971 Weekly Publication Volume 1 Parts 1 - 15 Sold Each
Marshall Cavendish Ltd.

GOLDEN HANDS Publication by Marshall Cavendish London ©1971 Volume 1 Parts 1 & 2

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Perfect for that special person who is inspired and loves the eclectic mix of style influences of 1970s fashion and home decorating trends.

The GOLDEN HANDS collection was published by Marshall Cavendish Ltd. of London, England during the early 1970s as a tool for readers to "home-study" knitting, dressmaking, needlepoint and more. The content could be adapted for someone who was a beginner or for an experienced seamstress or needleworker.

Listing is for the first two publications issued, Volume 1 Parts 1 & 2 combined in one publication. The entire collection consisted of 75 issues, called “Parts.”  A new “Part” was released weekly with a cover price of 95 cents. For content, Marshall Cavendish brought together a widely experienced and imaginative group of consultants, each a recognized expert in their field, who created a series of wonderful coursework, and at the same time, an encyclopedic reference to techniques and patterns.

The collection was more than about knitting or sewing.  Every aspect of needlework—from dress designing; mending and altering; making curtains; as well as the creative skills like macramé, needlepoint, beading, hook rugs, patchwork, tatting and embroidery are covered. 

GOLDEN HANDS was designed to have regular features. For example, Pattern Library, Basic Wardrobe Knitting Know How, Crochet Know How, Embroidery Know How, Dressmaking Know How and Fashion Flair are found as a short chapter in most issues. So that the collection could be fun for all ages, the back cover nearly always featured, SnipStrip, which was a great project to do with kids.

The magazines offered here are in very good condition showing minimal age. They measure 9” x 11 ¾” and are softcover. The magazines are being sold “each” rather than in bulk. If you have questions regarding a particular issue, including the content or condition, please contact us.

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