CLEAR COIN PATTERN Oval Bowl Circa 1958 - 1981
CLEAR COIN PATTERN Oval Bowl Circa 1958 - 1981
CLEAR COIN PATTERN Oval Bowl Circa 1958 - 1981
Fostoria Glass Company

CLEAR COIN PATTERN Oval Bowl Circa 1958 - 1981

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Offering a beautiful piece of FOSTORIA GLASS COMPANY CLEAR COIN PATTERN , circa 1958 – 1981. The pattern is now discontinued.

The CLEAR OVAL BOWL measures approximately 3¼” high x 5¼” wide x 8 ⅞” long. It is in excellent condition and is crystal clear.The Liberty Bell and Revolutionary Wall Soldier Head coin emblems on the piece are frosted, a mark that the piece is original Fostoria. The soldier emblem is dated 1887. (The coin emblems on later coin glass made by Lancaster Glass were not frosted). The piece set is heavy, weighing a little over 2 pounds.

Great addition to anyone's pressed or patterned glass collection.


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