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Black Americana AUNT JEMIMA FACE Hand Painted Plaque Circa 1940s
Black Americana AUNT JEMIMA FACE Hand Painted Plaque Circa 1940s

Hand-Painted AUNT JEMIMA Plaque Black Americana Circa 1940s

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Black Americana AUNT JEMIMA HAND PAINTED FACE PLAQUE, circa 1940s.

Although not produced for the Aunt Jemima brand, the plaque appears to be a replica an early 1900 image of Aunt Jemima as early designs of Aunt Jemima had her wearing a red polka dot kerchief.  

The AUNT JEMIMA HAND PAINTED FACE PLAQUE is 6 ½" in diameter and has two cup hooks position as her "earrings."  The cup hooks are the size that could be used to hold small items like keys or tea towels. The piece is a primitive design and appears to be handmade. 

About Black Americana:  Black Americana, sometimes called Black Memorabilia refers to collectible objects and ephemera that has an African American theme.  Although the theme and design of these items will often contain racist imagery can be very offensive, this is not always the case. Some black memorabilia have positive themes and reflect important events and people, such as the civil rights movement, musicians, scholars and/or members of the black community who have made a difference in our world.

In either case, it is important to remember that these items represent a very important historical record--a snapshot in time that should provide us an understanding of how black Americans were unfairly seen and treated for so many decades.  While some believe that the preservation of Black Americana will only prolong racist prejudices, others collect so that history of Black America will not be forgotten by future generations.  The founder of the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University in Michigan said about these items:  “Use items of intolerance to teach tolerance.”

For more information and to better understand Black Americana, visit the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University.


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