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ALL 'BOUT COOKIN'... Recipe Book by Jean Allen Published by The Kroger Foundation Circa 1950-1960
ALL 'BOUT COOKIN'... Recipe Book by Jean Allen Published by The Kroger Foundation Circa 1950-1960
ALL 'BOUT COOKIN'... Recipe Book by Jean Allen Published by The Kroger Foundation Circa 1950-1960
Kroger Food Foundation

ALL 'BOUT COOKIN' Recipe Booklet by Jean Allen Circa 1960

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ALL 'BOUT COOKIN'… is wonderful pink vintage recipe booklet compiled by Jean Allen, Kroger Home Economist and published by The Kroger Foundation, circa 1950-1960. This hard-to-find recipe booklet is a great example of mid-century American retail advertising when store, food products, and new appliance promotions included branded cookbooks, recipe pamphlets and booklets as give-aways. 

The introduction is signed Jean Allen and states that this "little book" will get your cooking off to a great start and will tell you what staples to stock, how to buy and cook meats, how to dress-up vegetables, short-cut cooking methods, in addition to explaining cooking terms, measurements and substitutes. 

Recipes range from South of the Border Dinner, Oven-Fried Chicken, Snappy Cocktail Sauce, Asparagus with Hot Bacon Dressing, Cherry Peach Broil, Pineapple Upside-Down Gingerbread, Two-Crust Cherry Pie, Ambrosia Fruit Cocktail, Lobster Thermidor, Strawberry Meringue Angel Cake, Frozen Lemon Dessert, and Brownies.

The 24-page booklet is highlighted with black/white photographs and fun vintage illustrations. It measures 8 ¼” high by 5 ¼” wide and is in good condition with no tears and appears to be unused.

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The Kroger Food Foundation and Jean Allen:  The Kroger Food Foundation was founded in 1931 to improve and control the quality of Kroger branded products. It worked closely with Kroger's 750-member Homemaker’s Reference Committee composed entirely of women ranging in age from 20 to 75—all wives and mothers whose role was to provide feedback on new products and store customer service. 

The members were selected by Kroger managers and served without pay. They were considered a "typical woman" although they did have varying degrees of wealth and community stature.  Internally, the members were referred to as the Mrs. Kroger.

Jeanne Paris, an employee and head of the home economics division was the “titular leader” of the Committee.  Paris used the pseudonym, Jean Allen when representing Kroger. After Paris left Kroger, the company continued to use the pseudonym and even trademarked the name, Jean Allen in the early 1960s.  


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