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Mid-Century Hall China Tulip Pattern Coffee Pot "Perk" Discontinued Circa 1940s
Mid-Century Hall China Tulip Pattern Coffee Pot "Perk" Discontinued Circa 1940s
Mid-Century Hall China Tulip Pattern Coffee Pot "Perk" Discontinued Circa 1940s
Hall China Company

Mid-Century Hall China Tulip Pattern Coffee Pot "Perk" Circa 1940s

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This collectible china "PERK" COFFEE POT by Hall China Company in the Tulip pattern stands 6” high with the lid and 11 ¾" wide, handle to spout. The decal features budding tulips in lavender and pinks on an ivory glazed body with platinum trim.

Although the "PERK" shape can be found in solid colored glazes, the only decal patterns made with this shape were the Tulip and Shaggy Tulip. This piece may or may not have come with an aluminum insert. However, the backstamp of pieces with an insert included, Drip-O-lator of Enterprise Aluminum Company, while the backstamp on this piece only reads, Halls Superior Quality Kitchenware Made in the U.S.A.

Hall China Company started in East Liverpool, Ohio, in 1903, initially making utilitarian wares like jugs and mugs. When its founder's son, Robert Taggert Hall developed a single fire process for a durable, nonporous china that did not craze, based on a lost process from the Ming Dynasty, Hall entered into the business of producing dinnerware, kitchenware and teapots. 

Like many pottery companies at the time, Hall produced premiums for grocery stores, food and spice manufacturers, gas stations and mom and pop stores. The Tulip pattern was used as a premium for Cook Coffee Company. Cook also contracted with Harker Pottery for the pattern, but the Hall Tulip dinnerware seems to be more difficult to find.

The coffee pot is in great condition other than some wear on the platinum band> It is free from chips and cracks. Enjoy your shopping!


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