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ACROSS TEXAS by Edward S. Ellis Published by Porter & Coates ©1893
ACROSS TEXAS by Edward S. Ellis Published by Porter & Coates ©1893
ACROSS TEXAS by Edward S. Ellis Published by Porter & Coates ©1893
Porter & Coates | John C. Winston Company

ACROSS TEXAS by Edward S. Ellis Published by Porter & Coates ©1893

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Wonderful staging book for western-themed decor!

ACROSS TEXAS by Edward S. Ellis, originally published in 1893 by Porter & Coates of Philadelphia.

The copyright page only lists the original publication date but the title page of this copy also lists the John C. Winston Company, which helps date the printing of this copy to some around 1904 or 1905. When Henry T. Coates retired from his publishing company in 1904, he sold the plates and copyrights or more than a thousand books to John C. Winston, including the writings of Edward S. Ellis. This copy is most likely the first edition published by John C. Winston, but without a printing date, this is hard to confirm.

The 349-page hard-cover book is in good condition and shows average use for a book its age. Names of previous owners are written inside the front and back cover. Slightly edge worn, foxing, and some loosening of the binding. The cloth-bound hard cover book front features a cowboy riding a bucking horse.

About the Author: Edward S. Ellis, a popular writer of boy's books, was a native of Ohio and born in 1840. His father was a famous hunter and rifle shot who inspired many of Ellis' storylines. He became a successful educator while still in his teens and wrote a number of text-books for school. For those and his historical novels for young boys, Princeton College conferred up him the degree of Master of Arts. Ellis died at the age of 76 in Maine.

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