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GERMANY CERAMIC PLATE Hand Painted Snowy Winter Sleigh Ride Circa 1950s
GERMANY CERAMIC PLATE Hand Painted Snowy Winter Sleigh Ride Circa 1950s
West Germany

GERMANY CERAMIC 9" PLATE Hand Painted Snowy Winter Sleigh Ride Circa 1950s

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Decorative HAND PAINTED RELIEF WALL PLATE made in Western Germany.

The plate depicts a snowy winter scene of a sleigh ride in the forefront coming up the drive of a beautiful yellow country home made using a raised "relief" design. The colors are bright and clear and the plate has not chips, crazing or cracks.

The back the 9" plate is stamped, Made in Western Germany dating the piece after 1949 and following World War II when Germany was divided into occupation zones. Based on the previous owner, it is believed the piece was purchased in the 1950s. There is also an impressed mark of 3895 in the clay and two holes in the back rim for hanging.

Plate would make a wonderful addition to someone's decorating, especially during the holidays.

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